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The right tool for the job

Infastech Engineered Fastening supplies tools that speed up processes in many facilities.

SPEED and accuracy are key in any manufacturing facility. Where solutions are created to make more products in less time, to an equal or better standard, manufacturers are quick to jump on board. One of Infastech Engineered Fastening’s customers said they choose Infastech speed riveting tools as they are the fastest on the market.

The customer said: “It has made sure we can produce as much work as possible. Any second saved is a second gained in producing more product.”

The speed riveting system, Avdel 7537, is a lightweight tool that uses hydraulics for placing

fasteners. It also has a specially toughened plastic body with a heavy duty rubber base. The client said it sped up the installation of rivets in the company’s sheet metal work. “We have only used these speed riveting tools as we chose from the start to use the fastest tool available.”

Features of the speed riveting tool include:

  • Standard 7530 nose equipment,
  • The ability to place the same range of fasteners as a 7530 tool,
  • A reduction of operator fatigue and increased productivity,
  • It has no long cord as it only requires an airline,
  • Increased impact resistance and durability.

Infastech Engineered Fastening field application engineer John Belayiannis said the Advel 7537 can fit up to 48 rivets in one cartridge. “It’s a high volume tool that saves you time.” While similar tools require manual loading of each rivet by hand, the Avdel Speed Riveting system offers a faster tool reload via a pre-loaded mandrel.

These attributes make it the only option for Infastech’s clients – with one saying no other tool compares to this one when it comes to speed. “Speed riveting has helped speed up the rivet process in the larger grills we manufacture. It has also helped from a health and safety perspective, as we no longer need to sweep up rivet mandrels. We would recommend this tool to any user needing to place a high volume of fasteners at optimal speed.”

The company also uses Infastech nail rivet tools for smaller and cheaper grills.

With no long umbilical and a rapid cycle time, the lightweight, self-contained tool is simple to use and reduces operator fatigue. The Advel 7537 has a variety of configuration options to ensure assembly requirements are met.

Specifications of the speed riveting tool include:

  • Weight: 2.2 kg,
  • Pull force: 3.89 kN,
  • Stroke: 30 mm,
  • Cycle time 1.0 sec,
  • Air supply press. 5 – 7 bar (80-100 psi),
  • Free air volume 2.6 litres at 5.1 bar,
  • Noise level: 70 dB(A),
  • Vibration: 2.5m/s,
  • Cycle counter,
  • Intensification ratio: 37:1.