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Revolutionary Speed Fastening Solutions:

  • Efficient Assembly: A reliable assembly for metals, plastics, composites, and passive electronic components.
  • Magazine or Vibrating Bowl Feed: Designed for either magazine-fed or vibrating bowl installations, with controlled, low placing load shock.
  • NeoSpeed® Innovation: These fasteners have a unique splined rivet design, combine with high clamp performance available across a broad grip range. This product achieves up to four times the throughput of traditional fasteners.
  • Chobert® Legacy: Ensures controlled clamping for soft or brittle materials, offering easy installation and cost-effectiveness. Various finishes, including hot-tin-dipped brass, cater to diverse applications.
  • Briv® Precision: These speed fasteners feature a distinct bulbed tail, delivering high joint clamping and versatility for various materials, from metal to plastic. Ideal for light fabrication, these fasteners combine easy installation and lower in-place costs.
  • Avtronic® Connectivity: This solution excels in attaching connectors and components to PCBs, ensuring vibration resistance and strong pull-out resistance. Its annular body grooves and multiple body lengths accommodate a wide grip range, offering a dependable solution for electronic components and beyond.