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  • High-Performance Blind Fastening: INFASTECH® breakstem rivets and tools offer exceptional blind fastening solutions with over 70 years of Avdel® excellence.
  • Versatile Solutions: Widely applicable in diverse industries, our breakstem range provides extensive choices in head forms, finishes, and sizes.
  • Precision Installation: Our high-performance tool range ensures accurate and reliable installation, from hydro-pneumatic hand tools to automated equipment.
  • Streamlined Efficiency: Fasteners like Stavex®, Avex®, Monobolt®, and Klamp-Tite® offer multi-grip capability, reducing costs and time by accommodating material variations.
  • Structural Excellence: For load-bearing joints, Hemlok®, Interlock®, and Monobolt® fasteners provide superior shear and tensile strength.
  • Custom Engineering: Our expertise extends to customised solutions, engineering breakstem fasteners and tooling to meet unique requirements.